Obligation to inform according to §5 E-Commerce Statute, §14 Company Code or §63 Industrial Code and obligation to disclose according to §25 Media Act.

About GL Pharma

Company name: G.L. Pharma GmbH
Headquarter: Lannach
Contact number: +43 3136 82577
UID-Number: ATU54367509
Company registration number: 61985f
Jurisdiction: Regional court for civil law Graz
Authority according to the E-Commerce Act: District office Deutschlandsberg
Regulatory authority: Federal ministry for Health and Women

* When sending e-mails, please consider the regulation of the Telecommunications Act (unsolicited messages, “spam”) and the E-Commerce Act (“Robinson List”). Further information on the Telecommunications Act.  

Member of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce

Specialist group / branch

Section Advertising and Market Communication
Chemical Industry Association
National Board for Pharmaceutical Trade, Drugstore and Perfumery Products, Chemicals and Inks

Special professional regulations can be found in the legal information system of the Federal Government

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